CCBChimp: New design and name in process

By Jason | October 4, 2021

Over the last 5+ years, we have had the privilege of partnering with Church Community Builder™ (CCB) to create a unique and powerful product that allows you to integrate CCB with Mailchimp. We have enjoyed the process, and we have also enjoyed the relationship we have had with CCB to provide this solution.  Due to…

Logs: search feature

By Jason | December 2, 2020

Reduce the time it takes to find log records with the new Search feature. You can search by first name last name both names or email   Find more details here.

New Feature: CCBChimp now integrates with Mailchimp tags

By Jason | November 22, 2020

Mailchimp (MC) recently changed their business model when they went public. One of those changes included the reduction of the resources allowed on the free tier. MC offered a very generous free plan for years. They still do, but they’ve limited the number of “audiences” [previously called “lists”] that you can create. The number of…

CCBchimp Church Partnership

Keep MailChimp changes from affecting your CCBChimp syncs

By Jason | June 24, 2019

We hope you have been enjoying the benefits of our CCBChimp platform, some of which are : ‘Multitask’ by keeping your databases updated while you sleep. Save time twice—first, with automation and second, by eliminating human errors. Minimize administrative work with our two-way syncing. Reduce costs by taking advantage of the MailChimp automation module—free to…

CCBchimp Church Partnership

Lots of CCBChimp Benefits for only a ‘Dime a Day’ more

By Jason | October 5, 2018

Did you see our October 2018 updates? We have enjoyed the challenge of creating an integration that synced CCB and MailChimp both ways. The initial build was “easy”, but tweaking the code to handle the number of ways hundreds of churches use our integration was challenging but exciting. We are happy to partner with your…

CCBChimp Updates

October 2018

By Jason | October 5, 2018

Things are always changing for the better at CCBChimp. In general, we’ve been responding to your feedback about how we can give you more control over your account(s). Here’s what we’ve been up to since our last update. Sign out time for CCBChimp The automatic sign out has been increased to 3 hours. We feel…

Easily Create Automated Emails with CCBchimp!

By Jason | January 1, 2018

Church Community Builder (CCB) does a great job of keeping you in touch with your guests or first-time visitors. One of its powerful features is the use of process queues to help streamline your workflows. The only thing is that CCB Process Queues depend on people to move the process along. And people can get…

2-Way Improvements – Keeping Unsubscribers From Disappearing

By Jason | December 13, 2017

As the only CCB-MailChimp integration that syncs both ways, we want to ensure that the data synced meets your expectations. So, we have added a new option to handle the way we process MC unsubs. Previously, if your subscriber unsubscribes from a MailChimp newsletter, MailChimp will tag that user as ‘unsubscribed’ and you will not…

I am already paying for CCB/MailChimp, so do I have to pay for CCBChimp as well? If I get a CCBChimp account, would that include the cost of MailChimp?

By Jason | November 29, 2017

CCBChimp is an approved 3rd party app to sync CCB to MailChimp. So, if you have CCB/Mail Chimp, you will have to pay to add CCBChimp. Getting just a CCBChimp account does not include the cost of MailChimp—adding MailChimp will be an additional cost. Please realize though that the MailChimp free tier is impressive and…