Do you know if MailChimp counts the same people multiple times if they are on multiple lists? For example, if we have someone who is in a life group list and on our greeters team, would they be counted once in pricing or twice?

By Jason | May 21, 2017

Twice! Separate lists gives the list manager more control over the data. One major advantage is if someone unsubscribes from a specific list, they will still be subscribed on all other lists in MailChimp. Our application does allow you to merge CCB groups to one single MC list but group those CCB  groups as separate…

We have several people at our church using different free MailChimp accounts. Are we able to sync multiple MailChimp accounts? Or would we need to consolidate our MailChimp accounts into one (and pay since we would be over the 2,000 limit)?

By Jason | May 21, 2017

We have had a few requests like this – syncing to multiple MailChimp accounts. It has been added to our Phase 2 list of features. Of course, each person can sign up for a different CCBChimp account and sync to their own MailChimp account, but that might not be financially feasible. Alternatively, as was suggested,…

  I can’t get the CCB API info to connect. What is the CCB account name supposed to be?

By Jason | May 21, 2017

Locate your CCBchurch url. It’s also the same as ‘Your API URL’. Your CCB account name is the word between the double slash and the ‘.ccbchurch’. For example, in the URL “”, the account name is “multisite”. Now, make a note of your account name — you will need it later.

Why is MailChimp better than using the group messaging option within Church Community Builder

By Jason | May 21, 2017

The idea of “better” can be both subjective and objective. It really depends on your needs. Using the CCB group messaging option works well in many cases, and it’s included in your package. Many CCB users are already using MailChimp, and many more are seeing the powerful value of adding this tool to their ministry…

How to create an API user and turn on required services?

By Jason | May 18, 2017

Step 1 – CCB Login to your CCB account. NOTE: You will need to login as an administrator (or as someone with admin privileges) to create a new API user. Click on ‘Settings’ (Gear Icon). Click on ‘API’. You will see the API summary screen. Click on ‘Add a new API User’ (located to the…


By Jason | October 5, 2016

We’re sorry to see you go but understand that needs may change over time so tools will no longer fit. Here’s how to cancel Step 1: Login to your account. Step 2: Profile –> Billing.   Step 3: Click on “Cancel”. This will disable syncing on your account immediately. If you also want to remove…