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CCBChimp Updates

Things are always changing for the better at CCBChimp. In general, we’ve been responding to your feedback about how we can give you more control over your account(s). Here’s what we’ve been up to since our last update.

Sign out time for CCBChimp

The automatic sign out has been increased to 3 hours. We feel this gives enough time to do without compromising security.

Rollback feature

This very important feature allows you to roll back your database up to the last 3 syncs (6 syncs for our highest plan). In other words, undo the changes you have made. For example: If you did 3 syncs on Tuesday and wanted to roll back, you would be able to roll back that day’s work. If you did 3 syncs over the period of one month, you would be able to rollback up to one month’s work. If you need a rollback for a period farther back, please contact us for help.

This pivotal option gives you more control so you can get things done faster without asking for our help.

NOTE: Rollbacks can take time. This depends on factors such as the number of changes and size of the database. A rollback could take 1-2 hours or even 1-2 days. In all cases, the CCBChimp system will send you an email confirming that the rollback has been completed or informing of an issue which needs your attention. Need further rollback – have to contact us.

Integrations page, Step 3A

To give you more control over which groups are syncing during integrations, there is now a Settings option in Step 3A. When you sync groups over, you can assign statuses for each group, and CCBChimp syncs according to the code. Here are the 4 status/code combinations and their meanings:
0—Requesting to join the group
1—Group Leader/Assistant Leader
2—Group Member
3—Invited to the Group
Initially, we are only syncing statuses 2 + 3.

Manually deleted lists

Some churches which are preferring to manage their lists manually instead of letting CCBChimp do it. Our previous solution of adding a new list and starting over created some technical problems due to miscommunication between softwares. For example, MailChimp erases deleted lists only after 7 days. This meant that for about a week, there was an overlap of the new list + the ‘deleted’ list, causing duplicates and upping your subscriber numbers which contributed to higher charges.

Here’s our two-part fix:

  • If any data is missing on either side, we stop syncing and send you an email informing you of this situation.
  • On your Integrations page, Step 3B, you would see some visual signs letting you know that there was an important problem you needed to deal with.

New CCB API rate limiting changes:

In order to keep data flowing smoothly through their servers, CCB has made some changes to the amount of data which can be processed per second. They have asked all vendors to make the necessary changes. Of course, CCBChimp is complying.

Update the Homepage to see the info on just the last sync:

Now you can easily see the most recent stats, including a quick link to the Logs for further details. This is in addition to the option of daily emails.

UI stuff on Saved Searches:

All Safe Searches from CCBChimp are removed if deleted + the names lists are refreshed.

Mail Chimp edit + simple view:

Previously, when you wanted to edit your API, you needed to go through Integrations Steps 1-5 to get things done. Now, on your Dashboard, in Step 1, there is an edit. We have actually added a landing page named, Manage Sync Settings which is more intuitive and will take you straight to the section you need.

Yearly Plan Option (available now):

Some churches would like an annual plan, so they get one bill for the entire year. There is no contract required. You can still cancel at any time. No refunds will be given but after you cancel, you can still use your account for the remainder of the billing period. If you think you might need to cancel within a 12-month period, then the monthly plan would be your better option.
Please let us know how these changes are working out for you as well as anything else on your mind. Client partner feedback just makes our day!


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