#FFF – September 2017 Week 2

author: Jason

category: State of the Integration, Updates

This week’s video looks at a whole range of things to keep you in the CCB Chimp loop. First, you get an overview of how the team manages the development pipeline so that projects move smoothly from inception to implementation. Then, you hear some specifics such as which items are coming up next, a few important tools you might have missed, and things still to come

The video ends with a reminder about joining the CCB Chimp Facebook group. It’s an effective, no-cost way to keep track of developments, find out helpful tips from other church users, and get help and answers to your own issues.

What’s in the Session

What’s on the front burner? (01:06)

Scheduling: the challenges (03:03)

Next: items coming onto our plate (03:32)

Recommended new tools (03:59)

Solving the ‘duplicates’ issue (04:27)

Receiving logs via email (06:10)

Unlimited custom fields (06:23)

Does the system overwrite your data? (06:50)

Importance of joining the FaceBook group (08:11)